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Managed WordPress Hosting

Excale’s managed WordPress hosting solution is developed with speed and dependability in mind, but what really sets us apart from the competition is our attentive customer service.

Updates to the WordPress software and plugins are never a problem.
We handle all aspects of your site’s technical operation, from hosting and backups to WordPress security updates.

Excale is unique. We do more than just host your website. We act as the constant watchdogs over your important digital investment.

By providing a really comprehensive list of services at a reasonable price and with an excellent customer support infrastructure, our all-inclusive web hosting plan goes above and beyond the standard shared/managed hosting option.

With Excale, our Managed WordPress solution, you don’t need to be an expert in WordPress hosting. That’s why we’re here! Our team manages performance optimizations, keeps an eye on the server for security risks, does automated backups, updates WordPress, and does much more.

See below the details of our feature-rich WordPress platform.


From our smallest customer to our largest, every Excale hosted website is covered by enterprise-level security

Hardware Firewall
Stateful Firewall with Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Cloudflare Protection
DNS and firewall service as part of our managed WordPress hosting. Filter out malicious traffic and improve performance

DDoS Protection
Sophisticated perimeter security technologies providing you with first-rate protection against large-scale DDoS attacks.

WordPress Security Plugins
Extra on-site security

File Change Monitoring
Visibility of modifications that happen on your website’s file system.

Two-Factor Authentication
Helps protect your WordPress Dashboard in addition to your password.

Unique Login URLs
Prevent hackers from finding your admin login page

reCAPTCHA Support
Protects your website by blocking robot software from submitting fake or nefarious online requests

SSL certificate included
Keeping your site’s traffic secure through a secure, encrypted connection between your web server and your site visitors.

HTTP Security Headers
Harden your site’s security

XML-RPC disabled
Reduce risk of brute force attacks

Spam comment filtering
Preventing malicious comment spam from infiltrating and wreaking havoc on your WordPress website.


We have optimized our hosting specifically for WordPress and WooCommerce. So, you need not worry about your site’s performance. Every Excale hosted website gets enterprise-level lightning-fast page load speed

Free CDN Bandwidth
Speed up content delivery and reduce page load time with our HTTP/3-enabled CDN powered by Cloudflare

Server-level caching
Helps to keep your site loading quickly

Image Optimization
Optimized images and serve with the correct size to help reduce page size

Latest Stable PHP Version
Keeping the backbone of WordPress strong with PHP 7.4 and 8.0

Choose your data center
Host your site near your customers

Performance monitoring
Using Performance Monitoring to highlight and eliminate performance issues


Excale acts as an interface with your website and major cloud providers. You get optimum performance without premiums.

Broken link checker
Ensure your visitors see your pages instead of 404 errors

Daily WordPress updates
Core, plugin and theme files updates daily to make site more secure and boost up performance by human tested and reviewed

Daily Backups
We take daily backups of your site. At your request, we can restore or export any backups taken of your site within the past 30 days.

Your website is hosted by us in cloud data centers in Falkenstein and Nuremberg (Germany), Helsinki (Finland),
In Hillsboro, Oregon, and Ashburn, Virginia (USA).

Best Value


Start your business with full website management, performance, security & support.

$9.99 / month

  • WordPress Installation

  • 1 Website

  • 3 Databases

  • 10 GB Web Space

  • Unmetered Traffic

  • Enterprise Class Secuirty

  • Free Email

  • Essential Site Management Package

  • Free Site Migration

Most Popular


Grow your business with full site management, performance, security & support.

$15.99 / month

  • WordPress Installation

  • 2 Websites

  • 6 Databases

  • 20 GB Web Space

  • Unmetered Traffic

  • Enterprise Class Secuirty

  • Free Email

  • Premium Site Management Package

  • Free Site Migration

All Inclusive


Build your WooCommerce store with full website management, performance, security & support.

$17.99 / month

  • WP & Woo Commerce Installation

  • 2 Websites/Stores

  • 10 Databases

  • 30 GB Web Space

  • Unmetered Traffic

  • Enterprise Class Secuirty

  • Free Email

  • eCommerce Support

  • Ultimate Site Management Package

  • Free Site Migration






Could Hosted

WordPress installation

WooCommerce installation

Hosted Websites








Web Space








Free Email

Stateful Firewall with Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

DDoS Protection

Choose your data center

Free Site Migration


WordPress updates




Plugin updates




Theme updates 




24/7 Uptime monitoring

every 15 minutes

every 5 minutes

every 5 minutes

Monthly reports

Monitoring & Renewal Support

SSL, Web Hosting and Domain Hosting

Link monitoring


Website backups




Saved backups

30 days

60 days

60 days

Backup restores


Daily Security Scan

Custom Hardening

Enhanded Security

WordPress Security Plugins

Brute Force Protection

File Change Monitoring

Two-Factor Authentication

reCAPTCHA Support

Spam comment filtering


CDN & Cache Plugin Install and Setup

Image Optimization

Performance optimization


Malware removal

5 / Month



Tasks / support time

30 mins / month

120 mins / month

180 mins / month

Fixes / troubleshooting

Minor issues

Turnaround time 

1-2 business day

1 business day

1 business day

Edits & design changes

Minor tasks

WooCommerce Support

Additional Features

Access to Premium Plugins ($300 value)

Google Analytics integration

No contract. No risk.

We only provide month-to-month website administration services.
Our business is not contracted; we earn for it each month.
Let us take care of the security, maintenance, and modifications to your website. Try us !

What does a website maintenance service do?

The continual process of making sure a website is secure, functional, and healthy is known as website maintenance.
In other words, we ensure that your website is protected from threats and problems, has a good appearance, and functions effectively.
Other tasks include resolving technological problems, repairing visual flaws, and updating software and security.
In addition to preventative maintenance and security, we also offer active administration to carry out any requests, revisions, or modifications you may have for the website.

How does your website reporting work?

Every month, we send you a website health report.
The report lists each daily security and maintenance task we carried out over the past 30 days.
The reports are simple to read and give a wonderful high level breakdown of all the crucial elements affecting the functionality and health of your website.
You may view firewall statistics, malicious login attempts we’ve stopped, the plugins we’ve updated, and more.

Why do in need daily backups?

We strongly suggest creating daily website backups.
Backups are a regular service element of all of our plans.
The most significant internet company asset you have is probably your website.
Backups are your website’s insurance.
We have you covered if anything ever happens to your website, your personal backups, or your hosting server.
We perform a daily backup of your server and keep all the backup data on our private cloud server, which is protected from any dangers that could try to attach to your website or hosting server.

Can you change the website design for me?

Yes. The layout of your website can be modified by us.
We can assist with all of these things and more, including color adjustments, layout changes, font changes, section additions, section deletions, picture replacements, and button style changes.

Do i need to sign a long term contract with you?

No, a contract is not necessary. We actually offer month-to-month website management services.
There are no costs or penalties for canceling at any time.
We think that rather than contracting our business, we should earn it each month.

Will you troubleshoot broken plugins/themes and work directly with plugin developers to find a fix?

Sure, we will look into and resolve any conflicts between WordPress and any plugins that Excale supports.
On your behalf, we will also communicate directly with the plugin creator.

If the plugin you want to use isn’t listed, let us know and we’ll ask our development team to add it or assist you in finding a replacement.

I got hacked, can you remove malware?

We can get rid of malware, yes.
We can assist if malware has been installed on your website.
Also, we have the power to stop it from happening in the future.
Following the malware removal, we’ll continue to maintain and secure your site going ahead.

Something is not working right, will you fix it for me?

Most of our maintenance plans for our websites include troubleshooting and solutions.
We will resolve any problems with your website.
Let us know what’s wrong, whether it’s a contact form that has stopped functioning or an image that isn’t showing up properly, and we’ll solve it.
Any fault, issue, or difficulty on your website can be debugged and fixed by us.

Can you add a new Post or Page for me?

Absolutely, we can update your website with new pages and blog articles.
Send us your blog posts, photographs, and page material so we have everything we need to publish your new post or page.
In order to add the new page, we can also change the menu on your website.

How long does it take to fullfill a change request?

The majority of website requests are typically fulfilled in one business day or less.
It can take longer if you submit more requests or if your responsibilities are more difficult.
We’ll let you know what to expect if a single job or to-do list will take longer.
If not, anticipate having it finished by the following working day.

Can I use my own hosting provider for your website maintenance service?

YES ! But keep in mind that for the the best results to fully optimize your site’s security, speed, and performance we recommend our Excale Hosting.

Does Excale offer High Availability Hosting and Guaranteed Uptime?

Although we do not provide high availability (HA) hosting, we do provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee that is backed by a SLA.

WordPress Website Maintenance, Site Security, and Support

We make sure your website is current, safe, and operating optimally to enhance performance and user experience.