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Why PageSpeed is Important

    PageSpeed is a common phenomenon for a browser user. You may hear a lot about it on the internet nowadays, and it has become a hot topic of discussion since the last year.

    So why is everyone suddenly so obsessed with PageSpeed?

    The simple answer to the question is Google. As far as SEO is concerned, Google is frequently making changes in the past few years. And PageSpeed is something that has looked over a lot. Why?

    Let us explore it.

    Here is why PageSpeed is deemed important

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    It is crucial because Google says so.

    These three words have a powerful impact.

    However, if you invest a few minutes to understand why Pagespeed is necessary, you will recognize the cause behind it. And facilitate how your visitors view your site. For example, there is a “Word Press blog,” website that takes more time to load. Would you ever visit that blog again?

    Know this fact: Google is a service-oriented business.

    As any business that desires to do well, Google makes a brilliant effort to deliver its service to the customers. But there are two things required by customers of Google:

    1. They wish for the answers to their question, and
    2. and right answers within 2 seconds ago

    Google is similar to the fast-food of the internet. And people expect the required information in the bat of an eye.

    Google aims to delight its customers, and it has figured out that one way to do it is by delivering fast-loading sites.

    Do you still have doubts?? Then read this extract from the Official Google Webmaster Blog:

    It is crucial to accelerate websites for all internet users, including the site owners. If we deliver fast-loading sites, we make happy users, and our internal studies have revealed that when a website takes time to respond, visitors are unlikely to stay there for more time. It is a proven fact that faster sites not only perk up the user experience but also cut down operating costs. Our users put a lot of significance on speed like us — that’s why we have determined that site speed is a key factor in our search rankings.

    Now you know I was not joking when I said it is crucial because “Google said so.”

    Noticeably, PageSpeed is significant as you can use it to measure Google site’s ranking, but It is not the only key determining factor of the list. However, if you are just interested in publishing your blog. Make sure to use only fast-loading Word Press themes.

    Did you ever bother why professional bloggers have a preference for premium Word Press themes only?

    Having the fastest site on the block, cannot help to earn gold stars if your content is not unique, useful, and shareable.

    Content is the king to measure results related to SEO, Page Speed, and everything else.

    So what should be your action at this point?

    Do not think that you do not have to focus on PageSpeed, because site speed is not the central theme of your SEO efforts. 

    Here are three actions that you can take today to improve your PageSpeed:

    1. Check your page load speed as it still is important in any case.
    2. Measure your results that you get from testing your PageSpeed and make the necessary amendments 
    3. Do not be obsessed with your site speed because it will drive you mad 

    Tools to test PageSpeed

    PageSpeed Insights:

    Google’s Webmaster Tool is the best instrument I always recommend to test Page Speed. PageSpeed Insights is a free tool to check your desktop speed and your site’s mobile speed as well.

    Use it in the same way as other popular online tools.

    1. Enter your URL,
    2. Click the button that checks the load time,
    3. Wait for the results to reveal.

    PageSpeed Insights will use a score of 100 to measure your Page Speed, and it will then suggest making necessary changes to enhance your page load times.


    Though Google is an excellent source to check your Page Speed, you must not solely rely on it. It is always good to double-check, so I recommend GTMetrix for testing purposes.

    This online tool is also free of cost, but it provides a more detailed and widespread breakdown of what is doing good for you and what is not doing well. It also shows the score for your slow result.

    This way, you can spot why you are scoring low, and then GTMetrix will suggest a solution to your problem. In case you do not know the technical term. Then you may find it nonsense, but most of the changes that you need to make. 

    Here are some common problems that render to slow PageSpeed and how to avoid those.

    Tips to Fix your Page Speed

    There can be several factors that contribute to making your site slow. Below are some common issues you may come across and how to fix them:

    • Choose Your Host Provider wisely. 

    Cheap shared hosting may appeal to you because of the low price. But it is not a good option for speeding up. Many companies that are into Managed Word Press hosting perform better than other non-managed hosting providers. They deliver the features of “high-performance caching and other things that enhance your page loading time.” Excale is best if you have a low budget. But WP Engine and Blue host Managed Hosting both choices are great as well.

    • To compress your images. You do not lose the quality of images if you compress them, but it does lessen the strain it place on a server to load them. Make a try to compress your pictures on your website. It can seriously make your loading time better. Try to use a plug-in like EWWW to reduce the size of on-hand images in your media file. If you are using a Mac, then you can utilize “Image Optim” to optimize images before you upload them on your site.
    • Your Word Press Theme just is not helping you out. Do not get distracted only by the appearance of a Word Press theme without thinking if it is really up to the mark. There are many ways to create a Word Press theme, and many have needless code or files that cause more strain to your server and thus slow down your Page Speed. The best choice for you is a theme coded appropriately, but the final decision is yours.

    The results you will get out of the online tools will help you understand what you can do better to improve your Page Speed, So make sure to keep coming back to know what you can do and how your alterations have made a blow.