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Tips for Website Development that Sells

To avoid mistakes and errors that most companies make while rebuilding their website, we’ve compiled a list of some of the mistakes most web designers make while designing the website to help with website development. Most times, these mistakes comes from both the owner of the site and the web designer. Here are some of the mistakes:

Mistakes of web designers

Hasty development

Most designers do not spend time building the website, they don’t put in their concentration on the site development. At the end of the whole process, the website would have many problems and issues.

No uniqueness

Every site needs to be unique in its own way. Most web designers do not add unique features to websites and they end up having the same look like every other website. No automatic marketing and sales

Mistakes of clients during Website Development


Most managers and top clients usually give their own view about website development and how they want their site to look like.

UI covers the purpose of the business or website

Concentration on the UI with no regards for the purpose of the business.

The main purpose of the website is not clear. Hence Key performance indicator is not carried out.

Content Creation time for the website is not considered

Proper  planning and creation of contents for a website is one of the most crucial aspects of having a good website. It takes up to 60 percent of the total work

Other issues that might lead to the website development of a bad site

An individual looking to have a website for his business invites a web designer to a coffee shop. He could explain everything he wants for his website. He spends 2-3 hours explaining and talking about the necessary things he needs for his website.

The web designer listens and grabs how he wants the website to be. He ends the meeting and the web designer gets to work. The web designer creates the website with coding, programming and testing done. After the website is launched, the client suddenly remembers something he forgot add to the website at the beginning.

Adding the extra feature means more work and might result to total recreation of the website. At the end of the whole process, the web designer gets less than what he anticipates as well as the client.


The right steps for developing a good website

#1  Know that the website is a marketing resource and not a product itself

A website is only a process that is meant to get you more cash while requiring your efforts. Just like how you upgrade your physical store or business, the site also requires changes and rearrangement of its contents.

Prepare yourself to get involved with the development process. Also contact contractors as well as other workers in your business.

#2  Choose the right web design agency

The web agency associated with online marketing besides the web designing is very skilled with the necessary knowledge. They also have expertise needed for an effective site and its advancement.

The Agency’s portfolio include cases where business examination and web design analytics were done with the discoveries as the points accomplished.

Different teams complete the projects. Jobs are shared with many sectors of their organization as well as experts.

The tasks below are done by the agency at the beginning of the project-

  • Careful analysis of the present marketing trends, the general industry, the customers business as well as the business points and unique selling point.
  • Identifying the target audience and market
  • Conducting a proper competitor analysis
  • Researching on the demand analysis
  • Review of the current website and its promotion efforts
  • Online marketing development process
  • Developing a website comprises of many steps, which includes:
  • Meeting to examine points and wishes
  • Finishing a brief
  • Investigation of the actual business, its items, target market as well as contenders
  • Review of the current form of the site and its promotion efforts
  • Planning and site organizing
  • Improvement of the reference terms
  • Creating prototype of new product for demonstration & research purposes
  • Planning the right design
  • Organizing and creating contents for the website
  • Programming and testing
  • Launching of the site
  • Preparation
  • Specialized help and improvement

The agency has insight of business management without help from anyone else except themselves or reliable partners.

#3  Creating an online marketing plan

To create an effective plan, it is important to:

  • Investigate the type of business the organization deals in. To make brief about the market, the items, the company and administrations. It is also important to investigate computerizations.
  • Carefully plan what you want to achieve and the processes involved with online marketing.
  • Know the target audience and understand them
  • Perform Online and offline audit of the site advertising method based on information from analytics.
  • Analyze the demands of your online customers
  • Analyze the market competitors both online and offline
  • Predict the revenue and profits of investing in the development of the site

#4  Getting experts in website structure

The website structure is not just an assortment of pages gathered together. But rather an in depth marketing and audience sector. It comprises of:

  • Information on the processes, capabilities and administrations
  • Accomplishments
  • Specific advanced arrangements
  • Explicit items, tools and materials
  • Data gathering which deals with questions, articles as well as terms.

The design of the website covers all inquiries regarding the matter. Develop some pates for the customer section. This urges the customers to purchase on the website.

#5  Try not to make a landing page rather than a site. Make a site out of your landing page and destroy your rivals.

Each page containing products of the website (even better every page) should be planned as landing or presentation pages.

All products and services must have clear details. If necessary, use realistic videos, guidelines and additional graphics.

#6   Develop the marketing capacity of the site

Based on examination, all the good features seen on the competitors website and requested by the market is executed ranging from collators to task schedulers.

Customers can do the filtering through this method.

#7  Making use of marketing automation

Using marketing automation helps to expand the conversion rate of the business. The advantage of using marketing automation is an opportunity to consequently create leads, increase sales etc. Marketing automation empowers to cut costs on soliciting one client.

Structuring a website needs to involve the automation process. Automation would lead to more benefit. You could also check his the addition of the automation process to a florist website increased the sale to about 55.5%.

#8  Versatility to cell phones

A website designed without focus on mobile design stands to lose so many sales. Around 2015, traffic coming from mobile devices was about 20%. In 2016, it grew rapidly to 50%. Hence it is advisable that you incorporate layout for mobile devices while designing your site.

#9 connecting the site with the sales department and examination

When we talk about customized analytics, it deals with the customization of analytics with reference to the goals of the site. It deals with call tracking as well as cross domain analysis.

Constant data is taken and the KPI of the business can be accounted for.

#10  site upkeep

The site needs monthly maintenance and upkeep, most times clients are not always available for such task. The agency is responsible for upgrading services, initiating constant changes, modifying the site to fit the goals of the business and overall website development.

Time and cost of a website

The website takes up to 2 to 3 months at least before completion. However, the creation of the basic version could take up to 4 to 6 months.

Extra features are added and the site fully optimized for search engines. The site is modified every 6-9 months to meet the costumers prospects. And also to adjust to the changes of the market. The expenses either recompense or not

Just like we stated at the start of this article, either the site generates income within the specified period or it doesn’t. In some cases, the site wouldn’t make income for 1 year and end up generating revenue on the 2nd year.

Should you consider to outsource your website development and management ?

Outsourcing helps an organization to have access to highly specialized workers without permanently employing them. You may save considerable costs of recruiting new workers, including vacation pay, wage taxes and other costs.

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