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The Differences Between Graphics Design and Web Design

Web design has grown over the years with many other discipline operating under it. Web design ranges from UI designing, web record to complete programming while Graphics Design is more focused on the artistic side. Any action that is associated with the production of web pages has been pushed under this category. Hence, a web designer has numerous tasks to carry out under web designing.

Web designing is a general term that comprises of design, Multimedia, Content development etc. While most people confuse graphics design with web design, graphic design is just a branch under web design, that is in between UI design and UXD design.

Despite the fact that web design and graphics design might look similar, they’ve grown with numerous branches that separates them.

Some people do not have any knowledge of the difference between the two profession. Hence they hire a graphic designer with hopes that they do the work of web designers.

Unless you want to create attractive, catchy images for your websites which would communicate your ideas and you don’t have any problem with how the output would look, then you can go for a professional and artistic graphic designer.

Graphics design concentrates more on artistic skills while web design is concerned with programming and overall knowledge of the web.

Even though both web designing and graphic design deals with making smart, attractive designs that would be pleasant to people, they are different when it comes to the processes and steps involved in each of them. Just like painting and sculpting sounds similar but different when it comes to final results. The steps involved in each of them, web design and graphic design require different skills and areas of expertise.

However, let’s move more deeper in both for better understanding of the difference between them.

What is Web design?

Web designing deals with the production and maintenance of web pages by a designer. Web design is a complex process which involves the arrangement of users navigation via the interaction design, UI/UX design and components of graphic design.

The more complex and specialized parts include Authoring, styling, scripting, programming etc.

Designers that specialize in the user interface design and graphic design via HTML are called frontend Designers. While those that are concerned with the complex parts are skilled programmers known as Backend Developers.

They create scripts and programs that makes the website more active and lively via processing of forms, database programming etc.

Content planning and information strategies are part of web designing. A website needs to portray the owner’s brand starting from the texts down to the contents of the site.

For a website to portray the personality of the owner, the content and information shown on the site has to reflect such. Using multimedia elements to create different components such as sounds, videos and games could make a website look more interesting and appealing.

From the explanations above, you must have seen the complex and complicated processes of web designing. Web design comprises of group of experienced and skilled individuals that work on their own area of specializations.

Though anyone could create a simple and easy website, web designers are in charge of making updates to your site, keeping records of your visitors and adding more cool features that can improve your website and impress visitors.

What is graphics design?

A graphics designer is in charge of the arrangement and creation of visuals seen on a web page. When a visitor comes to your site, the first thing they look at is the design and vibes your website portrays.

Having an attractive design for your site, especially a site where visuals are the main focus of the site could leave the impression you want on a visitor.

Graphics design doesn’t only have to do with the virtual world but also in real life. Visiting your favorite store to get a new shoe, even though there are so many shoes in the store, you carefully look at the packaging and of the shoes and select your favorite based on the design.

Graphic designers put together different images, symbols and words to form  attractive and appealing designs that communicates with audience.

A web designer has the ability to plan how a website would look, so as to portray the main purpose of the website. While a graphic designer is given instructions on what to do which would describe the vibes of the website.

Graphic designing could be a single job where the designer might make the look and vibes of the site. Then a web designer has to go over the it to see if the design actually fits the look of the site.

Graphics design versus web design

However, most people confuse graphic designers that operate only on web pages as web designers. While the above explanation of web designing would be web developing for such people.

Web designers are working to fix your website to portray the intentions of the website. While graphic designer work according to the  instructions and requirements given to them.

Designing has to do with complex technical processes while graphic designers work on attracting and pleasing visitors.

They are not just responsible for the creation of websites, they also ensure that your web pages load quickly and faster. This means that web designers take certain things such as image resolution, file size etc as vital elements, unlike graphic designers.

Web designers transform their designs to an active and interactive website. They do lots of programming work. Hence a web designer must have a full knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and other programming languages.

Graphic designers use any font they want to without considering how the final results would look like unlike web designers. Web designers put into consideration how the texts would look like on different browsers and screens.


To be successful with your website you need professionals who cover a wide range of skillsets. These requirements cover a wide range of expertise. You might need an excellent web designer, and skillful web developer, or a website marketing expert to get your site ranked well on the search engines.