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Comparison of digital marketing and traditional marketing

What is the distinction among digital and traditional marketing and you should utilize which one between the two? Choosing the correct form of marketing is an old question in the mind of any marketer. Here’s all you need to know.

The primary distinction among traditional and digital marketing is the mean that is used for conveying the message of marketing towards the audience. Whereas traditional marketing employ traditional media includes magazines and newspapers, digital marketing employ digital media like websites and social media sites.

Certainly, traditional marketing does not indicate that it is an old style. The growing requirement to step forward in the digital environment is still an important part of traditional marketing in the lives of people.

Two decades ago, because of its enduring impacts on your memory, increasing experience of today, influencing commercial of TV, and the tangible nature of the Rolling stone magazine copy are as vital. Unconsciously you are emotionally attached to your brand and remain at the peak of your mind.

Digital marketing is equally significant as traditional marketing. Digital marketing employ each touch of the Internet for you to access.

If you are doing search about the ideas of holiday on Google for upcoming weekend, you’ll probably see shortly after an ad tailored sponsored by Sky Scanner.

The Internet is a routine part of the daily lives of most people for several hours every day. Digital marketing only takes advantage of this by smartly woven into every communication of digital marketing platform.

Which kind of marketing should you utilize?

It is important to identify the correct equilibrium between traditional and digital for major marketing campaigns. For conventional yang marketing, digital marketing is a yin in 2020. The two play a significant part in a marketing campaign, but they’re high when utilized together.

Take the example of Guinness. Their Television ads are notorious for their special and effective cinematography. Over twenty years ago, the 1999 classic campaign of ‘Surfer’ in Guinness remained one of the best commercials of TV ever. But still, Guinness needs to adapt over time and integrate digital marketing into its approach to avoid missing a few big marketing opportunities, including the legendary status.

Guinness has recently increased its horizons of digital marketing by creating content of video exclusively for Instagram and Facebook to attract a wider and younger audience. Instead of only their TV advertisements reformatting, they shot their promotions as first social videos through videos composing, with Instagram and Facebook in view. The videos were particularly aimed at the people they were considering.

As a result, Compton cowboys in California was a visually spectacular and effective campaign of social media. Completely sharable and trendy forage of Instagram.

Let’s take the details and describe the traditional and digital marketing differences and their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of traditional marketing

Frequently, traditional marketing undermines the marketers with the social media rise. Thus, traditional marketing still has a significant role in the everyday life of a customer. You can spend your cash well if you have the funds for sharing your magazines and Television prime time campaigns.

Channels of traditional marketing comprised of:

  • Outdoor (Billboards, posters, wraps of bus/taxi, etc)
  • Broadcast (Television, Radio, etc)
  • Print (magazines, newspapers, etc)
  • E-mail directly (catalogs, etc)
  • Tele-marketing (SMS, Call)
  • Show of symbols and window


Simple to comprehend and efficient

A visibly bright billboard or a stunning Television advertisement is a common part of the daily lives of people. It’s easy to absorb and always enjoyable.

Printed materials of marketing are more durable

You’re there until the magazine is recycled when you have an ad in The New York Times issue. What is great when the customer is a passionate collector?


It is more likely to be remembered to see anything in reality rather than on your phone. You’ll probably be able to predict the latest Super-Bowl advertisements or a fantastic and spectacular window show rather than an Instagram in seconds.


More challenging to calculate campaign

There are means of measuring the campaigns of traditional marketing like trackers of brand, but they are less profound or smart than digital marketing tools.

Often costly

You do not have the budget for the share of four pages in Vogue if you are a new brand. You get money back from several kinds of traditional marketing.

Without direct contact with the customer

In comparison to social media marketing, the response of your audience to your marketing efforts is more or less dark.

Digital marketing: advantages and disadvantages

If traditional marketing is impactful, we cannot disregard that we live in the age of the internet.

ClickZ stated that “now users of internet account for 57 percent of the world population. On average, they spent six hours and forty-two minutes every day online. By 2021, 73 percent of the overall e-commerce sales are expected to be from mobile phones.”

It is an incredibly time-consuming chance to do smart digital marketing.

Channels of digital marketing comprised of:

  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc)
  • Websites
  • Content marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • E-mail marketing
  • PPC (pay per click)


Further engagement option

You can grasp the brand and marketing efforts physically across platforms such as social media. If you share, like, and have a lot of good feedback on your marketing, you recognize that you are doing something correct.

Simple campaigns measurement

The features of digital marketing monitoring are extraordinarily deep on the reverse of conventional marketing. This makes it abundantly clear that you will learn for the next marketing campaign.

Enables smart targeting

If you’ve the resources to target the 29 years old lady who loves to Lizzo and drink Guinness, you may certainly also produce completely adaptive content?


Digital advertising may be considered distracting

Consider the time you go over your homepage of Facebook and now what you desire to do is look at your previous school peers. Then you get the fearful ad for something that you had googled a night before in connection with an embarrassing illness. It’s essential to create you actively don’t like the brand which is working the smart targeting.

Lesser enduring

Digital marketing attempts such as Google advertising, banner, promotional e-mails or advertisements of social media may have a brief, transitory nature. They are non-physical and may simply be overlooked. If your targeted audience continues to scroll down or click to the next page, your advertisement would remove from their display.

Develops continuously

There is a lot to do to get the excellent from your digital marketing. Every channel usually requires a professional, from the marketing of search engines to social media; every channel needs a promotion to obtain the optimum value for the money. Thus, a plan of social media marketing is a successful starting strategy.

Find out which one works for you

Eventually, there are advantages and disadvantages in all kinds of marketing, but the trick is to consider the particular marketing needs, the budget, and the target audience.

The generation of Baby Boomer and people of Gen X who have TV and tend to purchase newspapers, for instance – often more anticipate and welcome traditional marketing channels. Digital marketing is, however, not even millennial and Gen Z, surprisingly relevant for any generation, my Nan spends time by scroll down the Facebook, videos share of Lad Bible, and online shopping.

Moral of the story: Traditional and digital marketing both may function for you as long as your audiences recognize what they want.