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Building a Business Website: Should You DIY or Hire A Web Developer?

    When thinking about building a business website, the name of a Web Developer comes in our mind. Web Developers have been playing an outstanding role in the development of every kind of website. It seemed that no one could build a website without the help of a professional Web Developer. But the world has changed now. With the technology innovation, building a website has become a piece of cake. If you have a basic knowledge of Web Development, you can build and manage websites for your business.

    With the launch of Content Management Systems like Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress, everyone is a Web Developer (not a professional). In short, if you can use computer programs, you can use these software tools to build and manage websites without hiring a professional Web Developer.

    Let’s discuss the factors to decide whether you should start building a website yourself or not. Have a look:

    How Much Do You Know About Modern Technology?

    When it comes to building a website with the DIY approach, several website builders are there to make your work easier. With these website builders, you can design, edit and customize a complete website using the drag and drop feature. As I said earlier that all you need is having basic computer skills. If you want to build a website, it will take a few minutes to understand the working of CMSs and their website builders.

    A call to action section

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    WordPress is among the widely used Content Management System in the world. If you are a beginner who wants to build a cost-effective business website, you should prefer WordPress. It is a CMS that works on Hosting and Domains. You have to purchase a Hosting and a Domain name for your website. Several hosting allow quick WordPress installation. WordPress gives you several themes and plugins to help you create a website easily at cheap rates.

    WordPress has brought innovation in the world of website development. If you want to create an informational website, I prefer the DIY approach. But, if you are looking for high-quality and complex websites, you have to hire a professional WordPress Developer. High-quality websites include eCommerce, adding 3rd party integration, and more! Creating such websites requires an in-depth knowledge of WordPress and Web Development.

    How Much A New Website Would Cost You?

    Building a website doesn’t comprise one or two steps. But to build a complete website, you have to perform a series of steps. You have to think about its design, layout, content, and maintenance. It is a time-consuming process but will let you build an eye-catchy website for your business.

    Thus, you have to passionate about it. Never take Web Development as an easy task. You have to dedicate a reasonable time to learn and practice Website builders and CMS. If you are dedicated to using a DIY approach, then spend at least a couple of weeks to understand the basics of Web Development. If you show interest in it, you’ll get the best results out of your skills.

    Tip: If you think you want to earn with CMS like WordPress without having in-depth knowledge, you can take projects and outsource them. I mean, you should join Freelancing platforms like Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, or Fiverr to take projects related to Web Development. If you think it is for a complex website, you can hire professional Web Developers and outsource the work to them with some commission. This trend is going hot in the market nowadays!

    Understanding Your Budget

    If you are low on budget, you have to prefer the DIY approach rather than hiring a professional Web Developer. If you want to hire a Web Developer to create a website, you have to offer him a handsome amount. It is because professional Web Developers don’t work for cents. They charge a reasonable amount and provide the best quality work. Every Web Developer charges according to what suits him. And if you are lucky, you’ll find a professional and expert Web Developer on a reasonable budget. What else do you want?

    Now, let’s talk about the website creation costs for WordPress. Note that WordPress is a Content Management System that is free to install. But your work is not done yet. As I mentioned earlier, you’ll need Hosting and a unique Domain Name for your website. Each Website hosting charges a few dollars ($5-$10) per month. You have to buy the Domain Name once. It would cost you around $50. Several online servers offer Domains at different prices.

    Creating a website without a website builder won’t cost you much. But as a beginner, you’ll find it difficult to create a professional website without using a website builder. In this case, you’ll require help from a professional Web Developer. Moreover, you’ll have to hire a professional to manage your website in the future. So think twice before creating a website without a website builder.

    DIY VS Professional Web Developer: Side-by-Side comparison

    DevelopmentWebsite Builder: You don’t need coding WordPress or other CMS: You Must understand the basics of codingNo experience needed when hiring a Professional Web Developer.
    TimeYou have to invest a lot of time to build a website. You have to manage time for building and designing a website along with content creation.You have to invest some time in hiring a professional Web Developer. He/she will do the rest.
    BudgetYou have to spend at least $50 per year to buy hosting and domain. Moreover, you have to spend some money on the content, logo, images, and customization of your website.The cost for buying a hosting and domain is the same. But you have to pay a handsome amount to your Web Developer for website development and maintenance.
    CustomizationWebsite builder limits your website customization. Also, you’ll lack the skills which a professional Web Developer has.A professional Web Developer will customize your website according to your needs. The customization options are unlimited.
    Written content, logo, and related tasksYou have two option: Write the content and create a logo yourself. Hire a beginner or an intermediate freelancer for your website content writing and logo designing.A professional content writer and logo designer would demand the highest wages for their quality work. According to an estimate, experienced writers charge $50 for 500 words, and logo designers charge $50 for a single logo.

    With the latest Website Builders, everyone is a Web Developer in the world. If you have a basic understanding of computers and their programs, you can build a stunning website using Website Builders. Moreover, you can hire freelancers according to your budget. Several freelancing platforms have talented freelancers who offer classy services under every budget. You can visit the websites like Fiverr, Guru, Upwork, or Guru to find the best freelancer for your website. I’ll recommend using Fiverr to find a talented web developer on a low budget.

    If you want to hire a professional Web Development Company, you’ll have to spend a handsome amount to create a professional-looking website. If you need a simple website, I prefer building one yourself. But if you need a complex website like an eCommerce website, you have to hire a professional web developer. Note that websites developed by a professional web developer are well customized, well optimized, and eye-catchy. But you can create a professionally looking website if you learn web development using the latest Website Builders. Again, the choice is all yours. Good Luck!