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10 Steps to succeed with Outsourcing Your Web Design Project

Outsourcing your web design work could be a wise decision than working under the constant pressure of tight deadlines. But most of you might find it difficult to find someone capable of managing your tasks.

Here are 10 steps that will help you avoid frustration when outsourcing your project. Follow them, or you’ll have to face some unwanted problems sooner or later.

Make a Clear Briefing before your start outsourcing your web design project

You don’t have to act like a university professor while briefing! You have to make sure that you stick to the point and provide all the necessary information to help your web designers do their job.

Several experts provide the basic outline, and they expect nothing less than “Perfect.” But you have to understand that the other person doesn’t have superhuman powers to judge your expectations and requirements regarding the project.

So make sure to provide a lot of material that will help in completing the task. You can give a few examples or website templates to help things go perfectly. You have to clear all the questions that your web designers might be thinking about at that time.

Don’t Assign the Whole Outsourcing Web Design Project

If you managed to hire a web designer, then be patient while outsourcing the project. You can’t assign lengthy tasks to a new person because you don’t know how she will complete the work.

Several entrepreneurs or business owners hire workers and assign the whole task without monitoring their progress. And at the end of the day, they receive a delivery that doesn’t match the project briefing.

That’s why break down the project and start with a small part. If you think that the person you hired is doing what you want, you can proceed further without any doubt.

Stay in contact with your designers

It is the fact that you outsource your work because you don’t have the time to complete it. But you can’t let your designers do whatever they want. You have to spare some time to communicate with them about the progress.

If you hired a few designers remotely, you have to create a flexible communication channel with them. To do this, you have to check the time zone difference and set the time suitable for you and your workers.

Our strategy is that we follow the Eastern Time Zone and arrange the meetings at a specific time. We stay connected with our workers to assist them if they get stuck at any point. We review the work and give feedback so everyone can understand the mistakes (if any).

Set a Monthly Salary

If you have been working for several years, then you should hire a web designer on a fixed salary basis. Why? Here is the answer:

If you hire a web designer for a one-time project, that’s fine. You get the work and pay for it. But every website needs improvements. So if you hire someone on a monthly salary, you can always ask the same person for the changes.

It will help you avoid frustration and spending extra money. You don’t have to search for workers again and again.

Review and Give Feedback

If you find that the final delivery lacks what you want, you can’t end the contract and hire someone else. That’s not the solution and will lead to frustration.

You have to review the finished project and give polite feedback if you want some changes in that. Sending some examples would help your web designers a lot. So don’t forget those while sharing your critical feedback!

  • Q&A Sessions

Ask several questions before you assign the project to your new workers. Meanwhile, let your workers ask questions that emerge in their minds.

Always clear the queries from both ends before diving into the project. It will save you from hearing excuses like:

“I wasn’t aware of that.” Etc.

We prefer a video call session before starting the project with new workers. We discuss everything with our workers and set clear goals and expectations about the website design.

Select a Project Manager

If you want to avoid frustration, you have to select a project manager to monitor the entire project continuously.

The job of a project manager is to resolve issues that arise during the project.

A project manager is an expert manager who has been working with you for a long time.

Allow the project manager to monitor the whole project, and you can focus on your other tasks.

Create Milestones for outsourcing your web design project

Milestones help in getting positive results in the end.

You should take care of your web designers and don’t stuff them with several tasks together. And if the project is lengthy, you have to divide it into smaller milestones.

It will help them understand the project deeply. Furthermore, if an error occurs in that part, you can ask to fix that quickly.

Fixing an error after completing the whole project might consume a lot of time. It will cause frustration and anxiety for both sides.

Plan Everything in Advance

You have to create plans in advance with mutual agreements. You have to plan every step before starting the project, or you’ll face several problems afterward.

You have to determine clear objectives and steps for the project. And make sure that your web designer understands your guidelines.

But what if you want to make some changes to the plan? You can do it. But you have to give extra money and days to your web designer to implement the new changes. It’s not a big issue!

Launch the Website

It is the last step that creates a lot of problems.

When the task completes, the company shows it to the staff members for review. They give their remarks. Some will love it, and some will think it is a piece of junk!

All of this is just a waste of time and creates conflicts and frustrations.

The website is not for the company’s staff members. It is for your targeted audience.

That’s why launch a trial website in the market to check the reactions of your audience. Always focus on the feedback and make changes according to their requirements.

You have to assign the authority to someone in your company who can make the final decision. This person has to make sure that everything is at its best.

Summing Up

Outsourcing your work should make you feel relaxed rather than frustrated.

There are several benefits of outsourcing your web design projects to other web designers. They will come up with unique ideas, and your website will look attractive according to the changing trends in the market.

But to get the desired results, you have to follow all the ten points.

Make sure that you hire professionals for your projects if you want the quality. Offer a handsome budget and a decent deadline so they can complete your project.

If you want to learn more about outsourcing your work, contact us, and we’ll serve you with our expert advice.